Angel Lucianna
Director / Master Stylist

About Angel Lucianna

ANGEL LUCIANNA believes that exceptional hairdressing is a potent combination of creative genius, artistry, passion and a good measure of professional competence and experience. She has them all and offers clients a unique hair journey tailored to their particular hair type, their colour and style preferences and most importantly to their sense of adventure and openness to change. ANGEL LUCIANNA is a true creative artist with an extensive and very successful career at the cutting edge of hair design.

ANGEL LUCIANNA is also professionally qualified in trichology, the science of the scalp and hair. She is experienced in delivering to clients who have concerns about hair loss, male and female pattern balding, alopecia and trichotillomania, innovative and state of the art solutions and treatments.

ANGEL LUCIANNA is a ‘natural’ hairdresser. It was all she ever wanted to do and be. She has lived that dream for the past 25 years through hard work and high achievement that has earned her the acclaim of her peers and the loyalty and love of her clients. She has many prestigious State and National hairdressing titles to her name in women’s and men’s cutting, fashion colouring, avant-guard, bridal and catwalk categories.

ANGEL LUCIANNA has a strong belief in a persons intrinsic beauty and in the important role that exceptional hairdressing can play in accentuating that beauty. Her commitment and her passion is to be the creative force in making the dreams of her clients come true through the powerful medium of hair.

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