“ I believe that precision cutting is both a Philosophy and a Science”

ANGEL is a trained specialist in precision Vidal Sassoon cutting techniques.  She has received many hair shaping awards both at the State and National levels. Angel has the amazing ability to create a unique and personalised hair shape for you at each visit.

A precision haircut is a style using techniques that create straight, dramatic lines and clean angles.  Angel believes that precision haircutting Is both a Philosophy and a Science.  Her principles for executing each of her hair designs involve the following elements:

1. Selecting the correct hair style for the individual ‘s face shape and scalp bone structure.

2. The observation of each individual’s hair growth pattern.

3. The understanding of each individual’s life style / professional needs / life style needs.

4. The creation of an architectural master plan and designing the Perimeter Layers using multiplies lines to form unique shapes.

5. The finalising and customising of each hair cut by slicing / texturizing/ skimming to highlight interest points and to individualise each client’s unique beauty, features & characters

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Precision Shaping – Please allow 60 to 90 min for this service.

“When I am creating an overall colouring concept for my clients’ hair, I want to emphasize their skin tone and eye colour. I aim to make their hair look fuller, add texture and even capture their personality.”

ANGEL believes that having beautiful hair colour is vital to complement your new unique hair shape. She excels in interpreting trends and adopting the latest techniques to suit your personal and professional needs.

Did you know that hair colouring is an Art that there are laws that govern hair colour? It takes years of experience to become a true master at hair colouring. You need to understand the chemical theory and its relation to light and pigment.  The understanding of the colour wheels, the elements of hue/tones/saturation is the foundation of Intricate Colouring and correction.

ANGEL also focuses on keeping hair as healthy as can be, whether you’re aiming for fairy-floss pink or subtle highlights. As a certified Trichologist she is committed to using organic and ammonia free products when possible.  Keeping the integrity of hair prolongs the life of your freshly created hair canvas!

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Intricate Colour & Correction – Please allow 60 to 180 min for this service

“There is no short cut in formal styling, it takes skills and finesse to perfect that polish finish, it the same skill needed to create a beautiful sculpture.”

Formal Gala up-Styling for special events is another of ANGEL’s passions. Whether you’re preparing for a ball, a gala, races, wedding or some other glittering event, the most important thing to do after you have chosen your dress is to decide what you are going to do with your hair.

ANGEL has over 25 years in hair styling experience, having worked with some of the industry’s finest, including world reknown, Stelios. She is eager to lavish her experience on you on your big night.  She is a National & State Bridal, Cat walk & Avant-garde award winner.  “A lot of real up styling  skills had been lost over the last 10 years, if you are wanting something unique and classically glamourous, I am the stylist for you!”

Specialising in a huge range of gorgeous formal hairstyles for all events, Angel is passionate about creating the perfect style for each client for their special day.

We also have a team of professionals and can cater to large groups.  Working in conjunction with THE VERVE LOUNGE on Racecourse Road, reknown for special occasion make up, specialized facials and skin technology, we can look after all your beauty needs.

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Gala /Event / Bridal Styling – Please allow 60 to 120 min for this service

*Please note these prices are indicative and may vary from person to person


Precision Reshaping (Ladies) 1.5hrs $130-$150
Precision Reshaping and Styling (Gents) 1hr$75-$90
Fringe / Partial reshaping $50-$100
Event & Formal Hair Styling 1hr$80-$130 
Bridal / Grandeur Hair Up 1.5hr$100-$150
Fashion Blow Wave / Hot Tool styling  1hr $60-$100
Wig Reshaping + semi install 1.5hr $100-$200
Top piece / Hair system Reshaping 1hr$100-$150 


Full length tinting 1hr  $135 – $170 
Tint retouch (Roots only) 1hr$100-$130
Vivids 1hr$100-130
Scalp Bleach 1hr$150 – 170
Foiling Creative 0.5hrs$100
Foiling 1/2 head 1hr$150
Foiling 3/4 head 1hr $170
Foiling full head 2hrs$200
Colour correction$120 per hour


AGI Smoothing 2hrs $199 – $299
Perm / Permanent hair wave From $199
Bond Structure complex treatment $20-$50
SOS Treatment$20 – $50
Aroma Therapy head and scalp massage$30-$50