Weft Hair Extensions

Our Angel-Lucianna Premium Hair Extensions are beyond comparison. Not only do we use the highest quality hair but we also use the traditional african sew-in (wefting/weaving) method of installing hair. Sew-in extensions are low-maintenance, durable, comfortable, look completely natural and most importantly… DO NOT DAMAGE your hair. Weft extensions usually need a move-up every 6-8 weeks and take a few hours to install. 

Why choose weft extensions?

Unlike any of the above, sew-in weft extensions don’t include any adhesive, glue, bead, bond, metal or heat. The ONLY materials we use for your extensions are cotton, your hair and our hands! We braid your hair and cotton (used to add thickness and security to the cornrow) to create a running cornrow across your head. Rumours and concerns are raised around the tension of the braid causing pain, damage or breakage. This can definitely be true, particularly in cases where Caucasians have experienced African Americans braiding their hair extremely tight leading to blisters and pain. However at ANGEL-LUCIANNA HAIR & EXTESIONS we deal with Caucasian hair every day. Our senior technician (CHRYSSY) and our junior tech (YU-LING) have spent many years perfecting and working with braiding, weaving and cornrowing Caucasian hair. With these years, experience of the correct pressure and tensions has come.

Perhaps differing from many other salons, ANGEL-LUCIANNA’s top priority is the health of your hair. If your hair is damaged and hasn’t been looked after, NO type of hair extensions will improve that. Hair extensions act as a temporary bandaid, with most salons focusing on simply installing the extensions. However ANGEL-LUCIANNA strives to ensure the bandaid doesn’t cause any additional damage WHILST improving and healing the initial wound.We care about your Hair, and you’re just a bonus x. 

Why Hair Extensions have a BAD name?

TAPE EXTENSIONS: By far one of the more horrific types of extensions due its deceiving claims of being ‘easy’, ‘quick’ and ‘cheap’. With close to a third of our clients still recovering from hair-loss, bald patches and damaged hair (as a result of tape extensions), it is clear these extensions do not prioritise clients hair health and well-being.

The damage isn’t necessarily done with the installation of the tapes, but rather during the removal process. With your hair sandwiched between two adhesive strips, your technician is required to literally rip the pieces apart from each other with no mercy given to your hair stuck in-between. As well as this, to dissolve the sticky goo from your hair, staff are required to use a solvent which usually contains alcohol or acetone which strips and damages your hair. Overall, this cheap and fast method may seem appealing short term, but is not worth the long term damage and pain your hair will suffer.

BEADS / FLAT TRACKS: Your hair strands are flexible and are intended to naturally move around freely. Therefore when compressed between rigid beads, this restricts the hairs ability to move, leading to breakage of the hair follicle. Even the installation process sounds harsh, where metal pliers are used to clamp a metal bead onto your hair strand. This compression and force on your hair can also cause instant damage.

The flat track method uses the same pliers and bead clamping method, however opt to sew a weft onto the track of beaded hair. Similar to beads, the same issue arises with breakage due to the rigid bond and clamping. As well as this, flat tracks can lead to additional damage due to the heavy weft being anchored onto a few strands of unstable beading. The weight of the weft can pull down on the flat track, which is only secured by a few beads that are applying additional pressure to your hair. Once again this leads to breakage, bald patches and overall thinning of the hair.


Step 1: Customizing your hair order

We have all our clients come in for a face-to-face consultation. Unlike other salons, our clients are able to customize their weft colors, textures and lengths to suit whatever look they’d like to achieve. This includes many curl patterns, from silkystraight, to a loose wave or even afro curls! 

Step 2: We braid a cornrow track into your hair

Once your hair has arrived we start the install. This step can vary depending on the look you’d like to achieve. For some clients we may only need 2-4 cornrows, but for others we may need many more! 

Step 3: We sew the weft onto the cornrow 

Using a needle and thread, we then sew your customised weft onto the secure cornrow. 

Step 4: Cutting, Shaping and Glamour!

After we’ve installed the hair, the most important step is the shaping and blending. This hair is straight out of the packet therefore Angel needs to blend the style into a proper shape and hairstyle to look authentic and beautiful! This also sets us apart from many other places that simply install the hair and send clients on their way. After this, we sit back and watch our clients admire and fawn over their brand new head of hair! 


What next

Please contact us on 0450 723 877 to book a consultation if you are interested in our hair. Since we offer such a variety of colours, textures and lengths we prefer to talk through all the possible options with you in person. As well as this our frontals and closures are measured and fitted according to your head shape and size, therefore we may need to measure during the consultation. Overall we urge you to come in for a consultation so we can open your eyes to all the possibilities available at ANGEL-LUCIANNA HAIR & EXTENSIONS. We know you wont regret it!

If you’re interstate we can organize other options to suit you and your needs! Just give us a call  

Hair extension consultations require a non-refundable booking fee of 50$, which is redeemable for any future salon services or purchases. Without this fee, your appointment will not be reserved or confirmed.
In the event that you decide to not proceed with your hair order after the required 50% deposit is made: 
1. Under 24 hours – a 15% service fee is charged and will be deducted from your deposit
2. Over 24 hours – You will forfeit your entire deposit


*Please note these prices are indicative and may vary from person to person.

100g Install  $260
200g Install     $300
Partial weave with Mesh  $300
Full weave with Mesh$350
Wig Install         $350
Box Braids or Cornrow install $500+
Crochet Braids    $500+
Shaping, blending + Styling $150
Removal 3rows       $50
Removal 5 rows     $80
Removal Partial weave with mesh   $100
Removal Full weave with mesh   $150
Removal Wig   $150