Why I love Young Living?

I used to think essential oils are just a pretty smell – something you can use in an oil burner or in a relaxing massage, but i was so wrong!  i believe Essential oils are the way of the future, it is God’s gift to us from His creation to heal, our body, mind, emotions and spirit.

I first was introduced to this wonderful discovery by a valued client Sharon Watson.  She had since become a very good friend and mentor in which I am so grateful!  In 2018 while I had to set up our shop in Racecourse Road in just under 3 weeks, I was exhausted and feeling very run down.  She gave me a drop of Peppermint oil to take (on my tongue), and within 10 min, my body revived and I was feeling a wave of electric power went through my cells!  I was so surprise and was explained to me by Sharon how the oils are therapeutic grade, these powerful Essential oils lovingly harvested from fram-grown plants has remarkable properties that cant be found elsewhere.

My journey with Young Living started there, and I have been using most of their products in my personal live, home and at work.  I have found so many evidences of its profound ” intelligent” way to help me and clients with various health concerns. It can regulate, soothe, uplift, rejuvenate and invigorate, depending on what you need at that moment.  i have also learnt that the oils are absorbed through our skin or senses 0r orally, from the inside out uplifting our frequency so that we can optimize our physical health!

I need to note here to inform you not all essential oils in the shop are the same and can be compare to these.  Our labeling laws do nothing to inform or protect us against harmful chemicals creeping into our daily life.  Any oil can be labelled 100% pure and be mostly synthetic or adulterated oil.

In our salon, we made a commitment to provide to our valued clients the best sourced products.  And in the area of Hair loss concerns, I have trialed and tested so many “hair growth” products in the past 25 years, I have concluded that whilst some of the products may help but when we have on hands these nature best gifts, 100% toxic free drops and supplements, I feel so passionate and delighted to be able to help you to discover how you improve your general well beings holistically!

In the following pages, I have made some recommendations for you if you are looking for solutions for Hair loss / uplifting your general health / be toxic free.

By Angel-Lucianna

Discovery of Young Living book
Young Living Lifestyle Booklet – Australia & New Zealand 2019 

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Why do I use & promote Young Living?

I love the authenticity of this company.

There are not many companies out there today that I can trust & believe in.
It’s so sad the labeling on products and TV commercials mislead us. These companies only care about profit not people.
So many of these companies use dangerous chemicals & preservatives in their products that hurt us and make us sick and some of these chemicals can be passed down generations through our DNA.
Not to mention the harm that its doing to river & oceans, damaging our precious planet.
As a consumer I have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what I buy and bring through my front door to my family.

Young Living is a full-disclosure company, 100% pure with their ‘Seed to Seal’ promise. They own the farms and work the soil. They do in house testings and independent testings on all their products, no other Oil company does this. They really care about people and our planet.

My passion is helping people reduce their toxic load and live a healthier lifestyle.
People want to look & stay younger, have more energy, sleep better, be less stressed and avoid sickness.
But they continue to bring toxic chemicals into the home.
Helping & educating people make better choices for their families and our planet is my mission and is what gets me so excited everyday.

I had my own Reflexology business for over 10 years and a Yoga business for a few years, now in my later years I want to educate people, as you don’t know what you don’t know, to really help people understand what they are buying and using in their homes.
For me many years in my own business I thought I was buying pure, clean, organic essential oils, cream and scrubs for my clients. I was so shocked to find these things laden in chemicals and preservatives. I didn’t know there were no labeling laws with Essential Oils, Personal Care products and Cleaning products.
I was sucked in to Ads, believed the labels and with some products brought them because my mum did.
With my continuing research, I try not to support, give our hard earned money to any of these companies anymore.
Spreading kindness and planting seed of wellness to everyone.

Sharon Watson

IF YOU HAVE FURTHER QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUNG LIVING OR WOULD LIKE TO SET UP A ONE-ON- ONE “Discovery of Essential Oils by Young Living, please feel free to contact Sharon directly via phone or email.  Shazamw@bigpond.com 0438891113.

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